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Posted: Oct 27, 2009 01:22:53

Call: KC1XX
Opr(s): KC1XX,KA1R,W1FV,WA1Z,K1GQ,
Station: KC1XX

Class: M/M HP
Opr Time (hrs): 48

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 269 16 62
80: 921 25 103
40: 1592 32 129
20: 2820 40 164
15: 2409 32 151
10: 236 15 35
Total: 8247 160 644 Total Score = 17,782,068

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club
Congratulations to the K3LR team for another win and to W3LPL for another outstanding score as well! It's great to be back in the mix again after the events of last winter. It pumped the team up (Matt particularly) hearing all the "glad to hear you back" and "nice to work you again" messages all weekend.

Matt did an incredible job getting the antennas back in shape (in many cases greatly improved too) in just a few months of hard work. In addition to epairing damaged and replacing destroyed antennas all summer long, several new antenna projects were also completed. The biggest new projects were:

- 5/5 south stack for 20 Meters
- 7/7 south stack for 10 Meters
- 4-stack of 10M7s on a new 140' rotating tower
- 2-stack of 40M4FS-125 on 200' Rohn 55 with the top 100' rotated (prop pitch)

Conditions were pretty rough on the low bands the first night, but we were rewarded with pretty good conditions for 15 both days. Seeing the solar flux jump a little this weekend brings hope for the future!

Andrea, N1AR, and Gary, W1EBM, joined us for the first time to get a taste of contesting by working VEs during the day on 80 and 40 and helping out on the other bands as well.

We're blessed to have great hostesses in Christine and the girls who open their home to us to play this game in a special place. Thanks again to everyone who worked us. We'll see you again in a few weeks for CQ WW CW!

XX Team


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