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Posted: Dec 1, 2010 02:50:46 · Edited by: Admin

Call: KC1XX
Opr(s): KC1XX, K1FWE, K1TR, N1KWF, W1FV, WA1Z, W2RQ, KM3T, N9NC
Station: KC1XX

Class: M/M HP
Opr Time (hrs): 48


Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 598 27 98
80: 2020 34 133
40: 2734 40 163
20: 2561 38 163
15: 1834 36 153
10: 491 25 108
Total: 10238 200 818 Total Score = 29,169,772

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club (Note: W2RQ portion goes to FRC)

160 598 1433 2.40 27 98 K1FWE,N1KWF
80 2020 5733 2.84 34 133 W1FV,KM3T,N1KWF
40 2734 7807 2.86 40 163 WA1Z,KM3T,others
20 2561 7422 2.90 38 163 W2RQ,N9NC
15 1834 5248 2.86 36 153 KC1XX,K1TR
10 491 1011 2.06 25 108 N1KWF,KM3T
10238 28654 2.80 200 818 -> 29,169,772
New (claimed) USA M/M Record

We started this contest out with the station in better shape than it has ever been in.
Much of the thanks for this goes out to Bill Myers (K1GQ), who has worked tirelessly on improving antennas, antenna switching and station optimization at KC1XX for the last 10 years. Bill was unable to operate with us this weekend but we know he was there in spirit.

Also MUCH thanks to Matt's wife Christine and their girls who kept us fed all weekend.
We are very fortunate that they tolerate this crazy hobby and are so good to us.

Super job by the W3LPL and K3LR teams - we all continue to compete at the highest levels
of multi-op contesting and hope to do so for many years to come!

What a crazy weekend! When 80m started off with 5 straight hours of 140/hr rates we knew something was up.
These have to be among the best overall conditions we've seen in a very long time, certainly from a low frequency perspective.

- Breaking 2,000 QSOs on 80m CW, strong work by W1FV and crew. This has never been done by a USA M/M.
- Possibly new 40m single band CQWW CW record by a USA M/M
- Simply great LF propagation, quiet conditions
- Almost making 6-band DXCC in one weekend (missed by 2 countries on 160m)
- Strong teamwork by the whole team, great mult passing
- New team members: K1FWE (also joined for CQWW SSB), N9NC
- Having W2RQ return for 20m, always great fun!
- Cool longpath propagation (tnx HS0AC for final zone on 40m Sunday morning)
- Hearing XU7ACY,HS0AC on 80m Sunday afternoon but tough EU wall, too hard to break
- Working 3W1M on 15m LP Sunday morning, 9M2IDJ on 10m LP, wow!
- Overall, the amazing worldwide participation in this contest,
especially from Europe - pileup depth continues to amaze

Thanks to all the DX stations who continue to support this contest and get on the air.
And to those who traveled this past weekend to activate so many countries. It is all of you who help make this so much fun!

Dave KM3T (for the KC1XX Team)

STRONG work guys! It's been awhile, but I hope to rejoin the team as an active member next year.

5NN 3 N6HB

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