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Posted: Oct 7, 2015 03:09:40

Call: K6Z
Station: K6Z

Class: M/M CntyExp HP
QTH: Inyo
Opr Time (hrs): 30

Band CW Qs Ph Qs
160: 88 21
80: 268 146
40: 320 385
20: 493 942
15: 219 569
10: 47 12
6: 0 0
2: 0 0
Total: 1435 2075 Mults = 58 Total Score = 490,390
Club: Bishop Amateur Radio Club

Another very enjoyable CQP from Inyo County. Our setup this year was nearly identical to last year although we considered not bothering with a 10M antenna/station not knowing what conditions would be like. I'm glad we went ahead with it anyway although 10M was only moderately productive for us on Sunday with zip on Saturday. We were short four of our normal crew members which made for extra operating time and setup/teardown time for the folks who could make it.

The setup consisted of four K3 stations two of which used KPA-500 amps, one SB-220 and one Expert 1.3K FA. Antennas consisted of homebrew Yagi's for 10M-20M and a Cushcraft 402CD for 40M all on 48' tall AB-577 masts. We hung an 80M dipole off the 15M Yagi boom and a 40M Inverted-L off the 40M AB-577.
All antennas, masts, radios and computers were drug over to the site and setup on Thursday and Friday. It's amazing how much faster everything comes down compared to setting it all up! N1MM was used for logging. We had a few technical problems but nothing substantial. The biggest issue was RFI into the 40M station from the 402CD nearly overhead. This caused numerous problems which we will address next year.

We had terrible winds on Thursday and Friday which made cranking the AB-577 masts up a major pain. We struggled to keep tension on the guys to keep the masts from buckling as we cranked them up. The weather on Saturday was fairly decent but then the rain, wind and lightening hit hard Sunday. We took everything down in a thunderstorm because we couldn't leave it there.

Overall we had another great time. Thanks to everyone for the QSO's and to the NCCC for sponsoring this great contest.

73, Bob K6ZZ for Team Zed

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