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Posted: Dec 3, 2003 00:02:51

This month's poll question about BPL got me wondering. Do a Google search for "radio" and "BPL" and see what turns up. I got 21,600 hits! Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority are from ham radio related sites. Notably apart from the trend however is this article.

It seems that BPL is universally disliked (though obviously it's not). Anyone employed in the industry that can shed some light on the subject? Anyone else have other input?

Posted: Dec 4, 2003 20:28:34

> It seems that BPL is universally disliked (though obviously its not).

Well here is one person who likes it. Unfortunately, he is a well-respected technical writer and consultant.

Posted: Dec 21, 2003 06:20:00

An ally on an unexpected front:

BPL may die of natual causes!

Posted: Feb 15, 2004 20:51:16 · Edited by: Moderator

UNBELIEVABLE -- despite almost universal objection to Broadband over Power Line technology, the FCC has gone ahead and issued an NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rule Making) to implement BPL! The proposal is obviously caving to industry lobbying, as it flies in the face of clearly articulated concerns (e.g., here's what FEMA had to say).

More links of interest:

Any thoughts or predictions?

Posted: Aug 17, 2004 04:20:23

This topic won't die!

ARRL now has a video available for free download:

Posted: Jan 21, 2005 01:33:09


SBC Communications says that it is expanding its consumer broadband Internet access, but it's not going with BPL. The company has announced plans to deploy fiber optics closer to customers, and build an advanced ip-based network. Dubbed Project Lightspeed, it will be capable of delivering a rich array of integrated next-generation television, data and voice services.

Full story here:
http://www.sbc.com/gen/press-room?pid=4800&cdvn=news&newsarticleid=214 58

Posted: Jan 27, 2005 13:24:21

I am Just Sounding OFF.......
Now that BPL is coming to more area's, Hope to
see the Electric Company provide Cable T.V via the Powers lines
"call it CPL" LOL :)
just my Idea, I have'nt heard of it yet...
Just make request to you electric company, see if it may come true, keep asking them, Imagine getting your cable from any electric socket in the house. "Now Signing off"

Posted: Apr 4, 2005 17:55:03

The ARRL is unusually outspoken and accusatory of the FCC in their Petition for Reconsideration...

"The Report and Order in this matter represents a classic case of prejudgement by the Commission. It is readily apparent that the Commission long ago made up its mind that it was going to permit BPL without substantial regulation no matter what the effect of this flawed application of old technology is on licensed radio services.
. . .
The Chairman's response is nonsense, given the record in this proceeding.
. . .
OET [ed: Office of Engineering and Technology] staff has thus aided and abetted the predetermined outcome of this proceeding, and has deliberately covered up the "bad news" about BPL that it has had in its possession since prior to the release of the Notice of Proposed Rule Making in this proceeding." [Full text of League petition...]

Posted: Apr 8, 2005 07:46:54

Yet more from the League...

"BPL is entitled to no protection from interference at all, and it can neither expect nor claim any such protection," the ARRL said, pointing to tests demonstrating that even low levels of RF can disrupt BPL transmissions.

IMO, we are going about this the wrong way. The FCC obviously intends to steamroll Amateur's rights, so it is time to fight fire with fire. If you live in a BPL neighborhood, before leaving for work each day, fire up a low power carrier... with 10 minute ID of course, to keep it all legal. ;^)

THe FCC may cast a blind eye to interference complaints from hams, but I think they will stop short of taking enforcement action against a legitimately licensed service. Then see how long BPL lasts if all their customers cancel because of interference outages.

Posted: May 13, 2005 21:17:49

GOOD GRIEF! This, from W6KY (he's not responsible for it... he just reported the link!) - broadband over gas lines.

Posted: May 26, 2005 16:25:07

This link is from the front page news, but I thought it should be preserved here.

Posted: Jun 20, 2005 06:49:50

From W6VR


Word from San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) is that they are still more than 30 days from lighting up the first BPL public test bed. We are told that the location of that test bed has already been determined, and may be released later today (June 20).

Sometime this month or next month, expect one or two BPL generators to be lit up at SDG&E's training center off Friars Road between the ballpark and Highway 163, but that operation will be incidental compared to the public demonstrations that lie ahead.

So far, ARRL, XETV, CGC and a number of public safety agencies plan to make interference tests. If you have a legitimate need to make tests or measurements, contact:
   Bob Gonsett: cgc333 at cgc333.connectnet.com
...with the name and number of the person within SDG&E who needs to know who your team consists of, and who will serve as the official spokesman for your group. That information should probably be finalized and submitted to SDG&E in written form this week. Bob can be reached at (760) 723-2700. No e-mail please.

Remember, once the BPL tests are over, they are done. There is only one bite at this apple.

Posted: Aug 18, 2005 16:12:59


Referring to why hams are opposed to BPL:

They are worried that the spam may interfere with
the ham.

Full story here.

Posted: Jul 23, 2006 16:33:18

Posted: Sep 25, 2006 21:43:27

Good news, bad news...

The bad news is that the FCC seems to be continuing down the path of destruction, despite new leadership. The good news is that the ARRL and ARINC are not cutting them any slack. We shouldn't either! Write your representative and tell them how you feel.

Posted: Oct 13, 2006 17:52:00 · Edited by: fubar

Not surprisingly, the ARRL has filed with the US District Court of Appeals, claiming that the FCC has exceeded their jurisdiction and authority.

Stay tuned.

Posted: Nov 20, 2006 16:53:49

Here is another link from the front page news, in case anyone missed it:

Essentially, professional broadcast organizations have joined the fray in support of ARRL's anti-BPL stance

Posted: Dec 7, 2006 14:29:28 · Edited by: fubar

Quote: n6hb

The ARRL is unusually outspoken and accusatory of the FCC in their Petition for Reconsideration...

Looks like things haven't changed much, even with a new commissioner in charge.

[Story here]

Posted: Jan 3, 2007 16:55:50

Posted: Jul 29, 2007 22:44:56

Update on this important story...

Despite overwhelming evidence, the FCC seems oblivious (or chooses to look the other way) to the legitimate claims of interference to licensed services by BPL deployment.

In a follow-up email exchange with Mr. Sumner, he clarified that his faxed letter [to Commissioner Adelstein] had several objectives. Besides the obvious one of protecting the licensees that they oversee, another was to "encourage the Commissioner to tell his speech writer to leave out references to BPL in the future."

IMO, we owe a vote of thanks to K1ZZ, W3KD (legal counsel), and the ARRL at large for not letting this matter die. Regardless of how you feel about the ARRL on other issues, if you are able, please consider providing financial support for this cause. The future of amateur radio as we know it may be at stake (not to mention that BPL has the potential to interfere with public service agencies as well).

Posted: Apr 27, 2008 14:22:19

Result of ARRL's Day in Court:

The court did not agree on all points, but DID agree that the FCC acted improperly. The case is remanded.

Posted: Jun 25, 2008 03:13:28 · Edited by: fubar

BPL has offically reached the "major leagues" - it has been slashdotted!

Posted: Jan 22, 2009 15:35:48

More of what we already knew -- BPL is slowly dying of natual causes.

Posted: Jul 24, 2009 14:39:45

Posted: Dec 4, 2009 03:25:31 · Edited by: n6hb

Again! ARRL CEO and General Counsel met with FCC advisors during November. I love this statement from K1ZZ regarding his post-meetings impression:

"We did not expect much feedback from these meetings and were not disappointed in that regard"

Full story here.

Posted: Mar 20, 2010 17:27:20

More BPL news:

Good riddance!

Posted: Sep 11, 2012 00:34:03

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