About Us

This WebPage was developed by W7RPL Ron  and  VA3VJC Richard  for the sole purpose of encouraging the great minds of the tinker type and experimenter related to Ham Radio (also known as Amateur Radio) and Computer based hardware and software relating to Ham Radio. We enjoy trying to be of help and will always do what we can, or try to find the answers for you.

We do not discriminate against those that haven’t obtained an Amateur Radio license. We will encourage you to learn and help you while you are learning so please don’t be offended by us asking you to give it a try.¬† We do expect everybody to use ham protocol within the forum so if we say something that you do not understand please let us know and we will be happy to¬†explain it to you.

Due to the digital innovations ham radio contesting is now declining but it is one of the best and exciting hobbies for us. We created this blog to spread awareness of how ham radio contesting works and in the process be able to encourage the younger generations to explore and try ham radio contesting.

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