Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips To Keep The Lawn Around Your Ham Radio Shack Looking Great

Having a ham radio shack surrounded by a garden was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It makes the surrounding area of my ham radio shack looks relaxing to the point that I drink my morning coffee on a chair just right outside the door of my shack which I usually do near a window inside my house. But of course, there are also some disadvantages to it and one of them is keeping your lawns well maintained otherwise it will look like a jungle. A lawnmower will be your best friend when you want to keep your lawn and garden looking great!

Here are some lawn mower maintenance tips to keep the lawn around your radio shack looking great! 

1. Clean Your Mower

Give your mower a good whack to get rid of the dead grass and bits of waste that don’t end up being ground out. Make sure that the handle has a good grip and that the fuel tank is clean and also replace the air filter if required or replace the engine if its a push or riding mower. Just doing this once a year will help keep your mower running smoothly.

2. Keep The Gas Aideablesclean

Try to make sure that your mower’s fuel and oil mixes are clean at all times. If the mixture is sketchy then it will make your outdoor lawn mower work hard and likely increase the need for fuel and spark plugs and can be a potential health risk.

3. Your Mower Should Have A Clean  Oil Filter

Make sure that you change your oil filter on a regular basis. The filter will reduce the requirement for fuel to be used and increase the life and usefulness of your machine.

4. Mow the Yard to the Right Settings

Mowers have different settings for different lawn types. A windy lawn will require less height while a smooth surface will need more height. So it’s wise to use the right tool for the lawn type you have and for the height you are mowing.

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6. Mow Often 

Mowers will cut grasses about 3 to 4 times per mowing cycle. A great idea is to cut very frequently. These will have great results but the lawn will not remain the same shape and look constantly. That is because the grass is growing naturally, therefore the top layer will remain fairly flat and you will have to wait for the grass to grow for it to look natural. If the blades of the lawnmower are kept too short or too tight, the lawn will look patchy and patchy. Then you’ll have to leave the lawn cutting for a few more days!

8. Dirty Mower

Keeping your lawnmowers clean is very important. You can use pressure washers for cleaning. You can also use detergent, water (diluted), and a stiff brush to clean your lawnmower. 

Lawns are very important parts of your garden. So it is a good idea to clean and maintain them to keep them healthy and pretty, as well as beautiful, the way that they are intended to look. Ever faced lawn care problems with your lawn? Do not fret, ask for a professional lawn care services company or landscaping company. They will understand your problem and they can come up with an efficient solution for your lawn problems. 

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